ReVisioned Furniture - Redwood ForrestUp until the beginning of the last century the United States was a country blanketed by forests. Not only on the coasts, but in the south, and along the Canadian border, massive trees thrived in expansive woodlands . The forests were so thick and the trees so tall that the settlers cut them because they found the darkness they created oppressive. These trees were harvested by the millions and became everything from floor boards to ridge beams, plows to boat keels. This lumber is as much a part of the history of this country as any building that still stands or document that was written during that period.

Much of this oldRevisioned Furniture wood still remains in the form it took after it first came down. The furniture that I make is from the lumber that I have re-claimed over the 35 years I have spent doing residential restorations and  renovations. I mill my table tops and pedestal legs from floor joists and roof rafters. The red and white oak, redwood and heart pine has a deeper color and tighter grain than anything that can be bought today as new.

The wood is now in its third incarnation. It has been re-visioned.